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Image of BR005 PROCESS OF GUILT / RORCAL Split 12"/Tape


This release will be available in true analogic old fashion only!

 photo Vinil1_zps7753c9af.jpg
Limited edition of 666 - 500 black vinyl and 166 solid white vinyl - pressed in 180gr vinyl with printed innersleeve and a double sided printed outersleeve.

 photo Tape1_1_zps3f4e4fb6.jpg
Limited tape edition of 100 in protape with full color layout and a special transparent inlay.

After a first premonitory meeting at the first edition of Amplifest, Process of Guilt and Rorcal will finally join forces to present their most recent collaboration.
In October, simultaneously with the release of the 12″ split, they will showcase the new material with an iberian tour followed and preceded by some individual dates across europe.
Process of Guilt’s new material is comprised of one theme “Liar” divided under 3 movements (I, II e III), featuring the astonishing contribution of Kernal (the drone/noise/ambient project of Rorcal’s guitar player JP). This almost 18 minutes of new music shows Process of Guilt evolving once again, capturing the organic and industrial vibes already present in FAEMIN and developing them further into the building of an hipnotyc beast of mammoth proportions.
Rorcal’s contribution to this 12” split sees them going further into their own brand of down-tuned black metal deeply rooted in an attitude still related with the doom and sludge that paved their origins. Few bands out there are able to combine such density and brutality in a non linear way as Rorcal.

Released in October 10th, 2014 through Cal of Ror Records, Bleak Recordings, Lost Pilgrims Records, Wolves and Vibrancy Records, GPS Prod., Chaosphere Recordings, Nooirax Producciones and Labyrinth Productions.